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Research Interests

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· Computer Science · Computer science is in a unique position to help people throughout the world because some level of computing positively affects almost everybody's life, both a) as directly as personal computers, workstations and $100 laptops for children in developing countries, and b) indirectly, through scientific discoveries and other advances in human knowledge. Advances in computer science, therefore, are the most exciting kind, because they both make our lives better now and give us the tools to make them better in the future.

· Comparative Literature · Comparative literature is one of the most poorly defined fields in academia, according even to its scholars. The term "literature" has grown to include many kinds of texts, including films, treatises, and even (to an extent) street signs, websites, and anything with some sort of sensory quality: so, basically, everything. What makes this field interesting, then, is that it draws meaning from every possible source and, moreover, implies that there are underlying properties common to all empirical objects in our world (because we can apply the same tools to them and create a meaningful result). Finally, because the practice of comparative literature involves analyzing a text, discussing it, and then writing it, working in this field makes people more thorough thinkers, clearer speakers, and more effective writers.

· Philosophy · Philosophy, like comparative literature, is hard to define, and the definition itself is one of the things that philsophers analyze. Philosophy is interesting because it methodically explores some of the issues about which we as human beings care, like ethics (what should we do?) and epistemology (about what are we sure?). It also, in the past century, underwent a linguistic turn, which has brought it closer to comparative literature.

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